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Pretty Deadly Volume 1: The Shrike by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Rios, and Jordie Bellaire (Andi Miller)

I know everyone expresses mad love for this comic, but I didn’t realize just how special it is. Mythical, otherworldly, WESTERN! Magical and affecting and gorgeous. It’s all the good things.

from The Best Comics We Read In July 2015 by Melody Schreiber


Have you heard of GeekyCon (formerly known as LeakyCon)? It started out as a Harry Potter convention and has grown into an all-encompassing, incredibly inclusive celebration of fandom, and I was lucky enough to spend last week there. As you will see below, the cosplay that I saw was INCREDIBLE. And, as I learned from talking to the ‘players, a lot of them were home-made! I only managed to get a couple pictures myself (this is what happens when you’re running around from panels to booths trying not to miss everything) but happily there’s a tumblr dedicated to the cosplayers. So for your enjoyment, here are a few of my favorite cosplays from GeekyCon 2015.

from 7 Amazing Cosplays From GeekyCon 2015 by Jenn Northington


Over the past two and a half years, Saga, the ongoing space opera by Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples, and letterer Fonografiks, has been both a gateway comic for new readers and a touchstone for longtime comics fans. Right now, whether we’re reading in single issues (on a scheduled month-long hiatus after issue 30), or waiting in between trades (Volume 5 is out in September), Saga-lovers linger in a sadly Saga-less state. So you’ve read and reread all your issues, combed the letter columns for secret messages, and taught your kitty to pose like Lying Cat. What next?

from Comics To Read Once You Catch Up With Saga by Caroline Pruett


There are a ton of superhero comics out there; just take a look at the Marvel/DC universes. Iron Man, Batman, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel–the list is endless, and seemingly keeps growing on a daily basis. But where do you turn if you’re in the mood for superhero comics, but have read what you want from both of these giants? Or aren’t in the mood to tackle such large shared universes? We have some suggestions for superhero comics that aren’t tied into these two giants.

from Superhero Comics That Aren’t Marvel Or DC by Swapna Krishna


For years I refused to buy bags and boards because I figured that was only for serious collectors. I remember one day, I was buying comics at a new-to-me comic shop, and when I said I didn’t need a plastic shopping bag for my two comics, the employee ringing me up gave me a confused and distrustful look. “Okay. Well. Be careful with those.” I might have been a little mad at his condescending tone, and said “Thanks, I will!” as I rolled up the comics into a tube, tapped them on my leg like a baseball bat, and walked out of the store. Hey, they were my comics, and I was going to read them and enjoy them! I didn’t need to preserve and collect them.

from Living Without Bags and Boards by Christine Hoxmeier

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