The Pets of Instagram: Fuzzy Comics Heroes

Take a little time out of your day to adore some heroic furry friends, whose adventures you could follow on Instagram. I present, in no particular order:

Thor, the Thunderdog, a gorgeous King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

I intimidate all my furrocious opponents with my thormidable athorableness ❤️⚡️?

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Gothamdog, also known as Bruce Wayne, a rescue Pitt/Lab who seems incredibly sweet.

Doggie Pillow Fort #pillowfort #doggiepillowfort #punishment

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Selina Kyle
, an absolutely adorable rescue cat.

, who isn’t a beagle, but a poodle.

Luke and Leia Catwalker
are snoozing together, looking all cute.

Say hi to Hulk, who currently resides in Boston.


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Betty and Veronica are still looking for their Archie cat.

is one of the cutest pups on Instagram. And in Hawaii.

I'm 10 weeks old today!

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Jean Grey
is a silly cat who likes comics.

Cat skillz #lolcat #catstagram #catsofinstagram

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I was beyond delighted when I found this guinea pig pair: Chewie and Solo. BFFs.

And to round things off, here’s a very handsome Flash.

"Please feed me, I am ready to eat." -Flash

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Do you follow any heroic pets on Instagram?