Off-Panel: How One Teacher Changed the Funny Pages Forever

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But Native people have the additional burden of reminding the reader of their modern existence, combating the belief that Native populations have all but died out, that Native people are a thing you see in John Wayne movies and spaghetti Westerns. This is the kind of burden that any story might break under, but Moonshot’s contributors deliver a series of legends, memories, and fictions that do an excellent job of standing up to the pressure.

I enjoyed this thorough review of a new First Nations-authored comics anthology over at the AV Club.

Comic books should be first and foremost for entertainment and enjoyment. Investment should not be the only reason to buy a comic book.

If you read that USA Today piece on investing in comic books, this is a great rebuttal.

first Franklin strip for Peanuts

The tale of how Peanuts became an integrated comic strip in 1968, thanks to the efforts of a teacher.

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