EReader Cases That Look Like Beautiful Old Books

In one of my very favorite books of all time, Gail Carson Levine’s Ella Enchanted, the main character is gifted a magical book. Each time Ella opens the book, she’s treated to a different story; the tales change based on what she’s read, what she wants to reread, and what’s happening in her life at the time.

Basically: Gail Carson Levine predicted the ereader in 1997. Ella’s book was a bit more psychic and a lot more magical, but the concept is similar.

I like to pretend my ereader was actually a magical gift from my fairy godmother and you should too. At the very least, we can dress our ereaders to look like something more majestic than mundane, because why not?

I’m in the market for a new case after a horrific purse/water bottle/electronics incident this past weekend, and I plan to aim high.

This Verso Prologue cover makes your ereder look like it's a beautiful old book.This is the case I’ve been using for the past four years. It’s possible it’ll recover from the water bottle accident, but it’s still wet to the touch three days later so my hopes are not high. It served me well through plenty of rough handling and bathtime reading.

This brown Verso Prologue cover makes your ereder look like it's actually a beautiful old book.
Here’s a similar one by the same company. Less gold detailing, more embossing, and a respectable brown instead of a salacious crimson.

The My Book ereader case from KleverCase will make your ereader look like a beautiful old book.
How beautiful is this one from U.K.-based KleverCase? I especially love the title on the spine is My Book.

The geniuses at KleverCase are experienced bookbinders who have turned their talents to creating ereader cases using the techniques they would traditionally use on antique book bindings.

KleverCase's Einstein's Theory ereader case will make your device look like a beautiful old book.
Here’s another KleverCase. This is the only ereader case here that sports the name of an actual book: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. It is also crazy gorgeous.


This marbeled blue Verso Prologue cover makes your ereder look like it's a beautiful old book.I actually bought this blue beauty for my mom a few birthdays ago. It’s just lovely – the pattern is soothing and will hypnotize anyone who is trying to read over your shoulder.

This KHOMO case comes in Kindle fire or iPad mini style, and will make your device look like a beautiful old book.
This beautiful KHOMO case is designed specifically for the Kindle Fire, but it comes in an iPad mini edition too. Classic bookish goodness.

Nothing tickling your fancy? Here’s a DIY tutorial on how to turn any hardcover book into an ereader case. Don’t wanna put in the effort? Here’s an Etsy store that will do it for you.