Book Fetish: Volume 172

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BR_readOrDie 600


Holy beard, Batman! Since I’m subbing in on Book Fetish, how about we get some beards up in this article?

Beard Book Folding Pattern: As much as I despise folding pages in a book, this pattern allows you to take an old book and turn it into bookish beard art!

Beard Book Sculpture

Mahogany and Leather-Bound Books Beard Balm: The answer to the age-old question, “doesn’t your beard itch?” is answered with a resounding “No!” thanks to beard balm. I use some daily. This particular batch smells of rich mahogany and leather-bound books. Contrary to popular belief, this is not made from my pheromones, though I can easily see the confusion.

Beard Balm

Wolverine Beard Comb: Another side-effect of a long-growing beard is the need to comb. Just like long hair on the top of your head can get ratty, the locks below the chin need some toothy love, too. If you have to comb, why not go comic-book-themed with this beard comb bearing the likeness of everyone’s favorite Canadian X-Man?

Wolverine Beard Comb

Harry Potter House Lounge Pants: Okay, not so much beard-themed, but stick with me. My face stays nice and warm in the winter. But until my facial hair gets long enough to wrap me like a toga, I still need clothes. If you’re going to wear pants, they may as well be bookishly nerdy.

Harry Potter Pants

Library Business Cards: Okay, these aren’t beardy at all, but I really like them. Even if it’s rude to hand them out in Japan, I want to represent my bookishness in all facets of life, including my business cards.

Library Business Card