Gifts for the Charlotte Brontë Fan in Your Life

You know what I like doing? Assembling lists of things. Also searching specific subjects on Etsy. So let’s see what the best Charlotte Brontë-related gifts and merch are out there. I’ll bet it’s some fun stuff.

“I would always rather be happy than dignified” Print
Always rather be happy than dignified? I don’t even REMEMBER this quote, but daaamn, do I subscribe to its message.

Bronte wine glass charms
Brontë Wine Glass Charms
IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS KIND OF with these wine glass charms. (I don’t know your life)

“I am no bird, and no net ensnares me” Print.
Decided to go literal with the bird thing. I like it, I like it.

Jane Eyre Book Sculpture
I’m gonna be honest, I’m not sure what’s going on here. But they had an idea and they went through with it, and I respect them for that.

Jane Eyre & Mr Rochester Portrait
Not gonna lie, I love this. It perfectly captures Rochester’s “I’m an asshole” and Jane’s “Maybe I should be getting the fuck outta this situation.”

charlotte bronte charm bracelet

Charlotte Brontë Charm Bracelet
Charlotte Brontë! Charlotte Brontë all over your wrist! I don’t understand the internet, but I’m glad it’s here.

Mr Rochester doll

Mr Rochester Doll
Omg why does this exist. WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING THAT YOU NEED THIS. (that person also makes a Bertha)

Lowood button

Amazing Lowood Button We Should All Buy
This is one nerdyass button right here. Everyone buy it right now.

Charlotte Bronte doll

Charlotte Brontë Doll, Apparently
All of these lady’s dolls are terrifying and I am fascinated by them.

Bronte tea towel

Brontë Sisters Tea Towel
I will fight all of you for this tea towel.

Jane Eyre doll

Jane Eyre Travel Doll
It’s a Jane Eyre travel doll! For those of you who’re like “I mean, I have this other Jane Eyre doll, but I feel like she’s not really set for my on-the-go needs.”

Bronte sisters bibliography print

Brontë Sisters Bibliography Print
I. love. the. pants. off. this.

Haworth Parsonage cuff

Haworth Parsonage Longitude/Latitude Cuff
So, I refuse things like Jane Eyre quotes on a cuff, but this is MAYBE NERDIER THAN THE TEA TOWEL, and I love it.

But for serious, we’re Thunderdoming for that tea towel.