The Week’s Most Popular Posts: Sept. 14-18, 2015

Let’s take a look back at the most popular posts this week on Book Riot:

For hardcore readers, the satisfaction of analyzing your reading habits is second only to the pleasure of getting lost between the pages. In this post sponsored byGoodreads, we’ve teamed up with the folks behind the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations to bring you 10 tips for maximum book nerdery.

-11 Ways to Love Goodreads Even More, Rebecca Joines Schinsky


So here’s what you do: First, walk up to the bookstore clerk and say, “Hello, can you direct me to Toni Morrison.” You’ll want to stay on script — if you find yourself insulting the clerk’s bangs in the hope of lowering her self-worth so she might sleep with you, you’ve screwed up. Equally important is the follow up line: After you’ve been directed to the correct section, it’s critical that you say something along the lines of, “Thanks.”

-The Definitive Guide to Picking Up Women in the Bookstore, Jake Offenhartz


book rest lamp

-The Bookish Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed, Rachel Weber


A quick refresher for those who need it: the red room scene takes place in the second chapter of the novel. When, at the end of chapter one, Jane defends herself against her cousin John Reed’s beating, Jane’s Aunt Reed punishes her by locking her in what Jane calls “the red room.” The red room is the room in which Aunt Reed’s husband, Jane’s biological uncle, died; unsurprisingly, Jane and her cousins believe it to be haunted. Once in the red room Jane initially focuses on the injustice of her imprisonment, but soon becomes frightened when she begins to imagine that the displeasure her uncle Reed might feel upon learning of his sister’s child’s mistreatment at his family’s hands could cause him to rise from the dead. Jane sees strange flashing beams of light, and becomes so consumed by fear that she has a “fit’ and loses consciousness.

-Anatomy of a Scene: Jane Eyre’s Red Room, Maddie Rodriguez



So what I want to know is, where is this caterpillar getting all of this fantastic food??? He jumps from eating just fruit to scarfing down everything you can think of: ice cream, salami, a lollipop, watermelon, cheese, etc.. And then he gets a stomach ache. Yeah, well, no sh*t, Sherlock.

-An Absolutely Serious Analysis of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Rachel Cordasco