TopatoCon in Stickers (and Other Cute Things)

On September 26 and 27, in Easthampton, Massachusetts, was the first TopatoCon. Topatoco is the merchandise company for over 60 creators and this was principally a celebration of webcomics.

If you have ever had a chance to listen to webcartoonists talk to each other, you will realize an interesting phenomenon: they do not try to outjoke each other; they try to out-T-shirt-design each other. These cartoonists who have made a living out of posting content for free on the Internet have relied heavily on selling merchandise. With time other ways to earn an income have emerged (like Patreon), but having cool and cute merch is still a vital aspect for these creators. So here is a little review of Topatocon looking at stickers and other adorable (and less adorable) objects.

Cohen is a ghost: @skullmandible

Cohen is indeed a ghost and an is an Internet success story. Yes, he is famous for telling jokes on Twitter and has also decided to improve monopoly with hilarious “extra-advanced” cards.


Lauren Jordan: @loremjay

Lauren is an artist, jewellery designer, textile crafter, and editor of amazing books like the Food zine. The word cute in the dictionary is usually illustrated by pictures of her creations.




Kate Leth: @kateleth

Kate Leth is known for a million different things from Edward Scissorhands to Power Up!, but it all started with webcomics and Kate or Die!  Kate had a tattoo themed show including her Ink for Beginners and the above stickers shall soon be available as temporary tattoos.





Chester 5000 XYV stickers

Jess Fink: @JessFink

Victorian era. A woman. A robot. A lot of love. Jess Fink does erotic with style and charm: Chester5000XYV You should also most definitely check out her jewelry before Halloween.






Power Up! stickers


Matt Cummings: @EiffelArt

Matt Cummings is of course the artist and co-creator of Power Up! You can also read the webcomic he illustrates here and track down all the adorable avatars he has drawn for so many wonderful people on Twitter.


Tyson Hesse: @boxerhockey

Tyson Hesse most recent project is the stunningly beautiful Diesel.  But these froggies come from the webcomic that represented a decade of his life: Boxer Hockey.

Anthony Clark: @nedroid

If you have never read Beartato’s adventures, Anthony Clark is a treasure. He might very well be one of funniest human beings on the planet.  I bought one of his books at the show and had to stop reading it in public before too many people thought I was just a crazy lady laughing to myself. Find his work here:

Chris Hastings: @drhastings

It is the beginning of the end for Dr. Mcninja. Chris Hastings has announced in August that his adventures will come to a conclusion after more than 10 years of being published on the web and as pretty books.

Unparseable Symbol sticker

David Malki !: @malki

Tuedays and Fridays are Wondermark days. But David Malki ! (the exclamation point is silent) is a perfect example of a creator hard to pin down.  His talents are multiple: Look!


Dave Willis: @damnyouwillis

Dave Willis is the mad webcartoonist who updates seven times a week and shames all other artists by how much ahead of time he works. Come, let’s go to university!

My other car stickers

Jon Rosenberg: @jonrosenberg

Jon Rosenberg of Goats and Multiverse fame is also one of the most creative when it comes to designing merch. See here.

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