Off-Panel: James Cameron’s Avatar is Back

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avatar cover art

Everyone’s favourite Ferngully rip-off / postcolonial nightmare tale is coming to comics with James Cameron’s announcement of the Avatar comics series.

Though most of the attention skews toward horror movies around Halloween, there’s another medium that is also bringing the scares: comic books. So we’ve put together a list of some of the scariest ongoing runs you should check out for some reading on a dark Hallow’s Eve.

Nine terrifying horror comics for your Halloween thrills.

“The central conceit of this book is that 140 characters are told that they can share this huge wealth if they’re really nice to each other, but if a couple of them die, then suddenly the money gets shared 138 ways,” Williams says. “It’s trying to find out who we are as people, and peel back layers of civilization, really.”

Social media gets serious in a new comic from Rob Williams and Mike Dowling.

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