11 Creepy, Scary Book Art Pieces for Halloween

We fully endorse book art here on Book Riot. In our case, we define it as any art that hacks away directly at the physical book, tears it apart, guts it, and somehow makes it new.

And, with that definition, it’s pretty perfect for Halloween, right?

Let’s get our fright on with these fiercely creepy examples of book art for Halloween. (And some are even available for purchase–find the source following each image.)

"Gripping" book art by Thomas Allen“Gripping” by Thomas Allen

Steampunk book set by Tim BakerSteampunk book set by Tim Baker

"The Raven" book art by Su Blackwell“The Raven” by Su Blackwell

"Extruding Bodies" book art by Loris Cecchini“Extruding Bodies” by Loris Cecchini

"Words" book art by Marie Gibbons“Words” by Marie Gibbons

"Incarnate" book art by Maskull Lasserre“Incarnate” by Maskull Lasserre

"The Adventurer's Diary" book art by Luminous Creative Imaging“The Adventurer’s Diary” by Luminous Creative Imaging

Birds collage book art by Emanuel M OlogeanuBird collage by Emanuel M Ologeanu, via rcolo Etsy store

Flowered head and neck collage book art from Prrint Etsy shopFlowered neck and head collage from PRRINT Etsy store

Skeleton couple book art from Prrint Etsy shopAnd because I can’t only include one from this shop: Skeleton couple book collage from PRRINT Etsy store

"The Impossible Dead" book art from Scottish Library book sculptures, at Edinburgh BookshopAnd my favorite, specifically because of the mystery, which is so perfect for Halloween. “The Impossible Dead” from the Scottish book sculpture mystery, #11 sculpture. Photo by Chris Donia.

Now, hit the comments and show me your favorite spooky, scary, grotesque, creepy Halloweenish book art!