Off-Panel: Buy Your Own Comics Store

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I am selling a Comic Book and Gaming store. Everything to run your own business and be your own boss. Vintage back issues and current issues… we have been here for almost 10 years now and well established customer base. I have had a family illness come up and I sadly must give this up to move.

Got $25,000? Buy your own comics store in Homewood, Illinois.

Thousands of geeks from Italy and abroad poured into the medieval Tuscan town of Lucca over the weekend for the Lucca Comics & Games fest/convention… hundreds of Star Wars cosplayers engaged in a massive flash mob lightsaber battle…

I’m clearly doing weekends wrong.

“The narrative about girl gamers, especially in pop culture, has become one that is just about harassment. But we are so much more than that. I wanted to showcase a diverse look at girl gamers and show that we are not all having the same experiences.”

The website Fusion is launching a five-part documentary called “Girl Gamers” that focuses on the ladies behind the controllers.

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