Book Fetish: Volume 185

Between the Pages Throw Pillow: I love the sweet design of this pillow. And the sentiment is pretty perfect for a big cozy armchair.   

between the pages pillow

Fictional Hotel Notepads: For the truly committed, jot notes down on a pad from The Overlook Hotel from The Shining or Bertram’s Hotel from At Bertram’s Hotel by Agatha Christie. Blood stains not included.


Whimsical Display Bookshelf: Dutch artist Filip Janssens has created a unique and eye-catching way to display your books. But just like, a couple books.

angled bookshelf

Sherlock Necktie: If your holiday calendar is about to be inundated with invitations, it’s time to start considering your party attire. May I suggest bedecking your neck with everyone’s favorite PI?

Sherlock necktie

To the Lighthouse Shower Curtain: I don’t know about you, but nothing screams “rub a dub dub” like a little Virginia Woolf. Okay, maybe not, but how great is this shower curtain anyway?

To the Lighthouse shower curtain

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