Critical Linking for December 1st, 2015


Slate Book Review critics recommend 27 books you’d probably love if only you knew about them.

They weren’t kidding about overlooked with this 27 Best Overlooked Books from 2015 list. I had only heard of a handful of them.


Now, Ms. Lee’s publisher, HarperCollins, is angling for another commercial hit, on a much smaller scale but at a much higher price. On Wednesday, the publisher announced that a $1,500 limited edition of “Go Set a Watchman,” signed by the author, is on sale at retailers across the country, just in time for the holiday shopping rush. HarperCollins printed just 500 copies of the collectors’ edition, which includes a leather-bound book with gold gilded edges and a velvet-lined cloth box.

Either they are legitimately signed by Harper Lee, or you own one of the most audacious forgeries in literary history. So, either way, you really get something.


The service appears to be simple: if you’re in range, you can order a product through their website or app: the order will go to a warehouse, which will package it up and load it aboard a drone, which will then take off for your address. The drone will alert you when the delivery is coming close for you to lay out a drone target for it to land and deploy its package.

Amazon has unveiled new and improved versions of its still at this point vaporware drone delivery service.