Bookish Blankets for Winter Reading and Hibernation

It’s pretty much tradition for me to write an early winter Book Riot post about warm, cozy things that a winter-hating reader can snuggle up in to read/hibernate until spring thaw.

I started with sweatshirts in 2013, escalated to PJs in 2014, and now I’m going bigger and better.

Screw just wearing comfy clothing, I need to full-on burrito myself in the ultimate bookish cold weather accessory. Because it’s winter, so anything other than reading in a warm nest of soft angel clouds sounds unbearable.

Bring on the bookish blankets.

Bookish blankets - Any whimsical book nerd would love to snuggle up in this Once Upon a Time duvet cover.
I love this bookish blanket – technically a bookish duvet cover, although I do believe it’s also available as a throw. It’s just begging for you to read in it. Or on it. Or near it.

This bookish blanket is a Pride and Prejudice blanket - it features the first few paragraphs of the Jane Austen classic. It's also VERY comfortable.
This is the blanket
 is the same one currently stashed in my own reading nook. I recommend it highly.

I love that it has the actual text on the front rather than just an image of the cover and I can personally attest to the fact that it’s extraordinarily comfortable. It’s a small blanket – more lap than full body – but it has a wonderful weight to it and just the right amount of stretch.

A particularly amazing bookish blanket featuring a bespectacled cat reading Moby Dick.
Book people and cat people are often the same people. Cats make me sneeze like my own nose is trying to kill me, but I’m a big fan of the idea of them. Therefore: I think this blanket is delightful. Look at the kitty! He just wants to read.

If the previous cat blanket was too mundane for you, I present this one as an alternative:

A woven cat and librar themed blanket.
Don’t miss the title of the book on the top of the stack on the floor. Very punny.

Beautiful bookish blankets - a bookshelf-themed throw with classic books spines would be perfect for any reading nook.
I legitimately want this bookish blanket for my own reading nook (sorry, Pride and Prejudice blanket). It’s colorful, interesting, AND features the exact version of Anne of Green Gables that I grew up with. It’s also thick fleece on the back, so I think it’s likely to be veeeery soft.

If you like the idea of this one but the design doesn’t quite do it for you, here’s a similar-feeling alternative from the same seller with covers instead of spines.

A Harry Potter shaped quilt.
If I were a quilter, I would probably also want to make a giant, rectangular cartoon-ish Harry Potter quilt. It’s pretty adorable, isn’t it?

Here’s a link to another HP inspired quilt – a more serious one, with the Hogwarts crest and a design of the house colors.

A bookish blanket with a scene from the classic story, Peter Pan.
I think this Peter Pan blanket is so peaceful. I love that it’s not a visual from a movie.

I'd love to do all of my winter reading while wrapped up in this Goodnight Sloth blanket - an adorable play on Goodnight Moon.
If you need me to tell you why this Goodnight Sloth blanket is amazing, I cannot help you.

Incredible custom bookshelf quilt will be made specially to look like your own bookshelves.
Now, there are a lot of cool bookish blankets in this post, but I’m going to come right out and declare this one the best. It’s a custom-made bookshelf quilt that the artist will create to your specifications in order to reflect the items on your own bookshelf.

I know. The coolest, right?

One or two of these bookish blankets, and you’ll be all set with the perfect reading nest until the world becomes warm and habitable once again in the spring.

That’s my plan, anyway.