Hats, Scarves & Mittens to Warm the Comics Fan Inside & Out

Ugh, it’s getting cold out there. Frigid temps. Snow storms. Slushy roads. I’m especially looking at you Midwest.

It’s this time of year that I’m grateful to be in Florida.

Bt then, there’s a downside to missing out on winter, too—I’m missing out on an entire season of awesome accessory opportunities.

Hats, scarves, mittens … ‘tis the season to wrap yourself in your fandom and let it keep you warm with its glory. There’s tons of options out there for the comics fan to bundle up in absolutely heroic style.

Check it out:


Who better to protect your head from the cold than our most beloved superheroes?

deadpool hat1. Most importantly, it’s reversible. Deadpool Symbol Reversible beanie from Super Hero Stuff.

batman hat

2. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batman beanie! Batman Cuff Flock Mask beanie from Super Hero Stuff.

superman hat

3. For the comics fan who wants a more subtle Super style. Superman Peruvian pom beanie from Super Hero Stuff.

thor hat

4. Summon the power of Mjolnir. Thor Costume Superhero Hat from sunshineknitandsew.

wonderwoman hat

5. All that’s missing is the golden lasso. Superhero Blue and White Star Print Beanie Hat from Coquetry Clothing.


6. Do secret agents advertise their employer? Whatever, we’re doing it anyway. S.H.I.E.L.D. skater beanie from SweetPeas3.


Why wear your passion on your sleeve when you can wrap it right around your neck?

star wars scarf

1. For your next trek on Hoth. Star Wars Comic Book Covers Print Cotton Infinity Scarf from MadeByMelephant.

marvel scarf

2. Wrap your favorite Marvel heroes around your neck. Marvel characters cotton scarf from DimpleCheekBoutique.

DC heroines scarf

3. Or, let your girl power keep you warm. Girl Power Comic Infinity Circle Scarf by HandmadeReverie.

harley quinn scarf

4. Sport a little madness. DC Comics Harley Quinn scarf from Hot Topic.

SHIELD-Hyrda scarf

5. Which side are you really on? S.H.I.E.L.D./Hydra reversible scarf from Super Hero Stuff.

saga scarf

6. Because not all comic heroes wear capes. Saga Comic scarf from Red Bubble.


Keep those digits thawed for optimal page-turning on the subway.

joker arm warmers

1. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a disturbed smirk. The Joker DC Comics arm warmers from lisaBbowman.

pow mittens

2. Warn everyone of what you’re capable of. Comic Book Actions Scratch Mitts from Babytronic.

superman mitts

3. Aren’t they super? Superman fingerless gloves from Super Hero Stuff.

hulk mittens

4. Take your geekery retro. 1983 Vintage Mittens Incredible Hulk Avengers Marvel Comics from allmybeststuff.

harley quinn mitts

5. Open fingers makes for easier mischief-making. Harley Quinn crochet fingerless gloves from amirea.

spiderman gloves

6. For web spinning. Spiderman gloves from Blockbuster Costumes.