Literary Imbibing: Great Bookish Flasks

Looking for the perfect gift for a book lover who also happens to enjoy a drink or two? Then you’ll want to snag them a literary flask. Here’s a small selection of the wide range of the bookish styles of portable liquid holders.


comp notebook


This classy composition notebook flask is customizable.


library card jane austen


You can get this Jane Austen public library catalog card flask in two different sizes.


cat books flask


This one is for the drinker who also loves cats.


flask in a book


Need a safe storage place for a flask? This flask comes inside a book.


as soon as i finish


You probably don’t need to wait if you’re enjoying your drink with this flask while you read that chapter. Two birds, one couch spot.




The grown-up version of Little Golden Books.


moby dick


Chase that white whale, my friend. This whale isn’t white, but maybe by the time you finish the liquid inside this flask, you’ll see it.


mischief managed


There’s a whole new meaning to Mischief Managed, amirite?




Speaking of Harry Potter, here’s a classy Hogwarts flask.


alice in wonderland


You can pick from among a few different Alice in Wonderland designs in this shop.




From the same shop, you can select from a few vintage Dictionary pages.


curious george


This is so inappropriate and yet really damn funny.


ginny wolfe


Oh Ginny.


hemingway flask


This is a classy glass flask inside a really classy book case. There are a few styles to choose from, too.

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