10 Comics-Related Christmas Cards for Your Nerdiest Pals

Christmas cards are often super boring. But what if you could find a nerdy Christmas card to suit the interests of every person on your list? Here’s a perfect ten to get you started. Please share links to more in the comments!

1. For the fan of Batman. And Robin. And robins.


2. For the lover of all things retro.


3. For the person who only buys Lego for her kids so she can stay up late putting it together the night before.

lego santa christmas card

4. For the family member who will say, “Merry force be with you.”


5. For the only person you know who is actually excited about the prospect of Civil War II.

santa captain america

6. For your crush (who appreciates a good Thor-based pun).

thor christmas card

7. For the person who has seen Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special 987 times — this year.


8. For the person who is spending Christmas refreshing George R.R. Martin’s blog.

game of thrones card

9. For the friend who loves webcomics.

dinosaur comics card

10. For the Trekker with a sense of humour.


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