Gifts for Every Nerdy (or Nerd-Adjacent) Baby

Have you got a nerdy baby in your life? Or, since babies probably don’t have nerdy tendencies on their own, are you a particularly nerdy person who has recently had a baby? Or are you friends with nerds who have recently procreated?

Never fear if so, because we’ve got a gift guide for the nerdy babies in your universe. Check out these items that no nerdy baby would want to live without.

These are Captain America baby shoes, you guys — hi-top Converse-style. I’m in love.


I love all of these posters for a baby’s room, but the Storm one is especially great.


Like Yoda, your baby-friend is small but mighty.


This tiny knitted hat will turn the baby in your life into the god of thunder.


I love how stealth-nerd this Doctor Who bib is.


Every baby needs a stuffy. Specifically, every baby needs a Flash stuffy that is also a cat for some reason.


You can even geek out on the essentials, like a pacifier clip themed with Calvin and Hobbes.


This Star Trek baby blanket (with tags! I hear that’s a thing) rolls high nerd cred.


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