Critical Linking for December 15th, 2015

Was there a science, technology, or environmental book from 2015 that made you think, laugh, or gape in amazement? Now’s the time to celebrate it. Join Ira as we build our list of the Best Science Books of 2015 with help from Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist Deborah Blum and Brain Pickings editor Maria Popova. 

Picks for the 10 Best Science Books of 2015, aka my Christmas list.


But designers can still thank Amazon and other e-outlets for this newfound liberation: because book covers often appear next to titles and the author name, designers are less beholden to promoting any kind of information hierarchy.

I had not thought of this.


On the sixtieth anniversary of Lolita’s first publication, we asked ten writers to reflect on their changing experiences with the novel in the course of their reading lives. Each day for five days, we are posting two reflections, each revisiting a section of pages from the book—we are using Vintage’s 2005 edition, a complete, unexpurgated text. 

Is there any book more usefully troubling than Lolita?