Off-Panel: 12 Days of Deadpool Is a Thing

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“It’s time for Saint Wade to put the ‘win’ in winter wonderland,” Deadpool teases in the video below, which lists what outlets or content fans can look forward to each day of the brand new holiday.

12 Days of Deadpool is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Still, right away I could tell what was firing up so many viewers, particularly online: in the world of Marvel Comics, a female antihero—a female anything—is a step forward. But a rape survivor, struggling with P.T.S.D., is a genuine leap. While the fact that “Jessica Jones” is Marvel’s first TV franchise starring a superpowered woman—and that it was created by a female showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg—amounts to a pretty limited sort of artistic progress, the show doesn’t need to be perfect in order to deepen the debate. In a genre format that is often reflexively juvenile about sexuality, “Jessica Jones” is distinctly adult, an allegory that is unafraid of ugliness.

Emily Nussbaum understands what Jessica Jones get so right.

China’s involvement in WW2 is so glossed over in our history books, along with most of Asian American history. For people who are already familiar, there’s nothing groundbreaking for them, but the graphic novel might serve as a good primer they can lend to interested parties. I wanted an uninformed reader to feel at ease while reading, which can be difficult given the graphic nature of the content. That’s a big reason why I employed so many silent scenes. It lets the story breathe and unfold on its own. In silence, the reader can just be more of a witness than a participant.

Ethan Young opens up about depicting real-life atrocities in comics.