Put Your Favorite Author Around Your Neck With Necklaces From Etsy


Zora Neale Hurston necklace

Light up an outfit with Zora Neale Hurston’s brilliant smile (ElyceFeliz)

emily dickinson pendant

Emily Dickinson collage pendant (tartx)

Emily Dickinson necklace Edward Gorey illustration

This necklace combines two of my great loves: Emily Dickinson and Edward Gorey (PisforPaper)

Richard Wright pendant necklace

Carry the controversial and prolific author Richard Wright wherever you go (SunnyRavenDesigns)

Sylvia Plath pendant

Sylvia Plath jewelry is all over Etsy but I have a special soft-spot for pieces where she’s smiling (RukussatWork)

Mary Shelley pendant necklace

Show off your love for the groundbreaking writer with this Mary Shelley pendant necklace (prettyandshiny)

Brothers Grimm silver pendant

Get dark and somber with this tiny pendant of the Brothers Grimm (SunnyRavenDesigns)

Mark Twain pendant necklace

Despite spouting some truly hilarious quips Mark Twain could sure produce a good scowl (luckyjewelry3)

Truman Capote necklace

What emotions! What angst with Truman Capote! (SarahWoodJewelry)

Oscar Wilde glitter heart necklace

I think we can all agree that Oscar Wilde would approve of this sparkling necklace (shopspacetrash)

Colette necklace

This Colette necklace is the perfect piece to wear during your sapphic affairs (prettyandshiny)

William Shakespeare pearl necklace

William Shakespeare (cutependants)