Critical Linking for December 18th, 2015

Each country contains a book or an unpublished translation from her reading list, with a teaser review from Morgan. “It’s incredible the breadth of perspective you get,” she says.

You could get lost poking around this map that recommends a book from every country in the world.


A study of more than 2,500 books appearing on New York Times bestseller and notable books lists and Google’s annual survey of the most discussed books reveals that the average length has increased from 320 pages in 1999 to 400 pages in 2014.

Huh, wonder what accounts for this. More genre, which tends to run longer?


When I wrote the essay that provoked such splenetic responses, I was trying to articulate that there is a canonical body of literature in which women’s stories are taken away from them, in which all we get are men’s stories. And that these are sometimes not only books that don’t describe the world from a woman’s point of view, but inculcate denigration and degradation of women as cool things to do.

This is worth the long read.