Critical Linking for December 21st, 2015

This casting is the most immediately notable of the trio, as Noma is a person of color. Hermione was, obviously, depicted as white in the Harry Potter movies. Although, as noted by BuzzFeed’s Alanna Bennett earlier this year, Rowling never made her race clear.

The Cursed Child just got even more interesting.


Sales have been disappointing, with Nielsen BookScan estimating that “City on Fire” has sold slightly in excess of 30,000 copies since publication. Not bad numbers, to be sure, but as The Wall Street Journal reported in November, based on its calculations, the novel “would need to sell about 75,000 hardcovers, 75,000 paperbacks and 150,000 e-books to break even.”

Sooo….more like pile of cash on fire.


That line provided inspiration for the author Jonathan Safran Foer, whose new novel, “Here I Am,” will be published in September by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The novel, his first since “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” was published in 2005, unfolds over a single month in present-day Washington, as a Jewish family with three sons falls apart after the parents’ marriage falters.

I am both excited and nervous about this.


There’s one central character. A female character. I’m a little nervous about that because I’ve never written a female character, and I hope it comes off as believable.

Andy Weir’s follow-up to The Martian will be set on the moon and have a female protagonist. 

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