Critical Linking for December 22nd, 2015

Some of the most powerful reading experiences are the ones that refuse to fit into just one pigeonhole. They defy categorization, because they’re both life-changing and label-breaking. Don’t believe me? Here are 11 books that are so incredibly good, they can’t be constrained to just one genre.

Looking for something a little different to read over the holidays? These 11 Books That Can’t Be Defined by One Genre is a good hunting ground.


To enter Nanogenmo, you have to write a program that generates a novel, then post it, along with the novel and the training data used to produce it. 500 teams’ entries have been posted to Github.

I looked at a few of these computer generated novels. Let’s just say that James Patterson isn’t in any danger from AI yet.


Mallory Ortberg, cofounder of the Toast, sold a currently untitled short story collection to Henry Holt. Allison Adler took world rights to the book, which marks Ortberg’s debut fiction collection. Ortberg helped launch the Toast, a literary and pop culture website geared to women, in 2013; this year she was named Slate’s “Dear Prudence” advice columnist. Kate McKean at Howard Morhaim Literary represented Ortberg and said the stories in the book feature ‘subversive twists on classic tales.

Already looking forward to this.


As of early December 2015, Nielsen says, around 571 million paper books have been sold in the country—a modest but noticeable increase over the 559 million sold in 2014.

There has been a lot of speculation about why this might be, but I think it’s pretty simple. People are remembering that they like print.