Critical Linking for January 5th, 2016

Harper Lee, Marie Kondo, and Jeff Kinney topped the print bestseller lists in 2015 for adult fiction, adult nonfiction, and juvenile books, respectively. Here are the 20 bestselling books of the year in each of those categories.

BookScan isn’t definitive, but the best numbers we get about the best-selling books of the year.


When the song came out, coloring books for adults permeated pop culture, as Mort Drucker’s JFK Coloring Book spent 14 weeks at the top of the New York Times bestseller list in 1962, and sales of adult coloring books reached $1 million.

I must have missed that scene of Betty Draper and a bunch of Crayolas.


What made you decide to start the books blog and write reviews?

I have always loved reading and learning, so it is great if people see a book review and feel encouraged to read and share what they think online or with their friends.

I think Bill Gates might be skewing the average net worth of book bloggers.


It’s hard not to appreciate the synchronicity of indie publishing house Coffee House Press employing coffee cup sleeves as a vehicle for literature. The Coffee Sleeve Conversations project plans to emblazon around 10,000 sleeves with passages of prose and poetry from local writers of color. The sleeves will be distributed to area coffee shops, including Workhorse Coffee Bar, Nina’s Coffee Cafe and others.

Look what Chipotle hath wrought.