Off-Panel: The 50 Best Comics Covers of 2015

Like all good things in comics, our Off-Panel feature deserves an occasional reboot. We’re switching to a weekly format for your favourite digest of comics news. You can find us right here every Monday morning.

On Monday, the Library of Congress is to name Mr. Yang the national ambassador for young people’s literature, the first graphic novelist to be so honored since the post was created in 2008.

All of us at Panels are over the moon for Gene Luen Yang!

DC Comics editors likely should have done a quick fact check before noting that several comic book characters were speaking “Pakistanian” in one of their publications.

Oh yeah. DC deserves no end of shaming for this one. Two seconds of Googling, folks.

Discrimination was not to blame, he said. Instead, it was because of a lack of qualified women. “The Festival likes women, but cannot rewrite the history of comics,” he said.

The Guardian takes on the absurd notion out of Angloueme that women don’t create comics.

Star Wars #1 sold just shy of a million copies in 2015, clocking in at an estimated 985,976 copies sold.

If you’re hoping to have a top-selling comic, it helps to come from a galaxy far, far away.

Lumberjanes Cover

This beauty and forty-nine others make this round-up from Comic Book Resources.


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