Dear Book Nerd Episode #53: Happy 2nd Podcastaversary to Dear Book Nerd!

Welcome to the Dear Book Nerd podcast, a bi-weekly show that answers your questions about life, love, and literature! We are celebrating the second year of the Dear Book Nerd podcast, and I just want to thank everyone for listening, asking questions, and supporting the show. You’re all awesome. I’d also like to thank my special co-host this week, the great Jeff O’Neal. We discuss issues related to ARCs and audiobooks and had a grand old time. Be sure to check it out, and thank you all again for a great year!


Jeff is Jeff is the co-founder and CEO of Book Riot and Panels. Co-hosts the Book Riot podcast, which is a weekly news and talk show about what is new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading. You can find him on Twitter @thejeffoneal.



Hey there, Book Nerd!

I’m a recent college grad starting out in the publishing industry, and one of the best perks is being able to attend BEA. Your podcast #36 caught my eye because I now have all of these ARCs, and I’m wondering what to do with the ones I no longer want. I obviously don’t want to sell them (especially with the “NOT FOR SALE” stamped all over them), but donating them somewhere and risking them being sold anyway doesn’t seem like a good option either. What do I do with these books? I hate the idea of throwing them away–but is that the best option? Thanks in advance for your help! And great podcast.



Dear Book Nerd,

First of all I love your show! I don’t remember if you already discussed this and if you did, sorry :/ but I’ve been wondering what to do with ARCs that I don’t want to keep. I’ve received several of these through the years.The digital ones are easy to deal with: i.e loved it or liked it, I keep them; if it wasn’t my cup of tea I just delete the file and the ones I’ve received through NetGalley “expire” after a period of time. However, the paper ones are more complicated. As many other listeners will understand surely, eventually you get to a point where you have to choose what to keep and what to get rid off, and since I am running out of space I decided to do a clean up of my shelves. There are some ARCs that I absolutely loved and those I intend to keep. But there are others that I just know I won’t go back to and can’t think of any one around me that would enjoy them. I know they are not intended to be sold, but I’m not sure if I can donate them. I feel bad just putting them on recycling but then again I’m not really sure what other options I would have. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Dear Book Nerd:

I am recently visually impaired and can no longer read traditional print books. I often hear people discussing listening to an audiobook as if it was a poor substitute for the printed word and I have to stop myself from pointing out to them that some people have no other option but to “hear” books. How can I politely explain this to fully sighted people without sounding preachy or is it better to refrain from offering my opinion?



Dear Book Nerd:

I never have enough time to read so I want to listen to audiobooks but don’t know how to choose a book. I’m a little worried I will zone out or not like the narrator. How do I pick a good audiobook?




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