Rowling Reveals the Four New Wizard Schools: Today in Critical Linking

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The wizarding world just got a whole lot bigger, as Rowling just revealed the names and descriptions of four new Wizard schools.


Skip the reasons. Just look at that sentence. Kirkus Reviews published a piece admitting that, with only a tiny number of exceptions, they don’t review romances except those written by white authors.

If you care about diversity in publishing at all, you have to read this piece.


According to Guinness World Records, the most prolific author as measured by words published is the British writer Charles Harold St. John Hamilton (1876-1961), with a whopping 72 to 73 million words to his 25 pen names. But even Hamilton had his limits. In his autobiography, written in the third person (“Like Stendhal,” he declared, he “dislikes the je’s and the moi’s ”), he remembers responding to an “urgent request” by writing an 18,000-word story in one day, an experience he deemed “a tour-de-force that he has never repeated or wanted to repeat.”

Just think if this guy had been around for the internet.


Tell me – what novels have you read with memorable illustrations in them? Ones that really complemented the story, gave it some special sauce? The truly delightful ones?

I’ve asked myself this question before. Illustrations add so much to a book, that I am surprised we don’t see it more often.