How Many of These Opening Lines Can You Match To The Book?: Today in Critical Linking

Can you name the these famous novels from their opening lines?

It’s a Thursday in February and my brain is sluggish, so I tried out this challenge that asks you to match opening sentences to their books. I feel smarter already.


“In theory, the mainland enjoys freedom of the press,” he tells me in a hushed voice. “But in reality, we’re not allowed to mention these forbidden topics. So many mainland readers come looking for these books out of curiosity. To put it simply, over here, you can read the truth.”

So important to remember that there are people all over the world doing the hard and dangerous work of making books available.


Rusert and Adrienne Brown, a colleague who teaches at the University of Chicago, have recently uncovered in Du Bois’ papers a previously unpublished fantasy story, “The Princess Steel,” which they have dated to 1908 and 1910—much earlier than any of Du Bois’ other speculative fictions. 

Another lost treasure found.


Director Bryan Singer, who last fall teased on Instagram his hope to direct his childhood favorite novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, has closed his deal with 20th Century Fox to make the epic film his next picture.

Casting will be a challenge. You know, finding Nemo.