A Bookish Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s get something straight here: I love holidays. All of them. I will celebrate so-called “made-up” holidays with the same level of enthusiasm others reserve for official calendar holidays and I won’t apologize.

Life is hard, let’s have a pastry because some marketer somewhere thought maybe we should celebrate National Croissant Day.

So, when Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation proposed reserving February 13 for Galentine’s Day, a day for ladies to celebrate ladies, I was all in. Hang on, so we’re celebrating a variation on a Hallmark holiday because a fictional character on our televisions suggested it?


Yes, yes we are.

Traditional Galentine’s Day festivities involve brunch, declarations of love and appreciation, and gifts. I cannot help you with a bookish brunch (try as I might, I could not find a literary waffle iron) or personalized declarations, but I can help you find bookish gifts for the literary ladies in your life.

First off, you’re going to need a card to write those extremely specific compliments in a bookish card, so here’s an adorable watercolor one.
You're Sweet in My Book Valentine

Celebrate lady friendship to the MAX with this t-shirt homage to  Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types from Lumberjanes.



I have told the truth: there is no better book about female friendships than Code Name: Verity, so encourage your friend to stay the course and fly the plane, Maddie with these CN:V keychains. I’m not crying, you’re crying.


If I have learned one thing on the Internet, it’s that “kindred spirits are not so rare as I used to think.” Tell the new-found Diana to your Anne how much you appreciate her with this print. Bonus, it’s a printable, so you don’t have to wait for it to ship.


Go the traditional BFF route with this typographic best-friend necklace. It’s a present for both of you, which seems totally in the Leslie Knope spirit.


For that friend who stands on the courage of her convictions (or maybe needs encouragement to do so), this Jane Eyre “I am no bird…” necklace is perfect. (Check out this Etsy shop for more classic literature jewelry. I want this Wuthering Heights cuff rull bad.)


Happy Galentine’s Day, ladies! I wish you good friends and fluffy waffles.

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