The Top 20 Books People Lie About Having Read: Today in Critical Linking

A study of the reading habits of 2,000 Britons commissioned by the BBC Store found that one in four bluffed about reading a classic when a TV adaptation of it was shown, with the most popular reasons being not wanting to miss out on the conversation and wanting to appear more intelligent.

Most of this list of the The Top 20 Books People Lie About Having Read doesn’t surprise me, though Alice in Wonderland in the top spot is a head scratcher.


In a blog, Google said: “Editions At Play is an experiment by Visual Editions and Google’s Creative Lab to explore the potential of digital books: that is, books that change dynamically on your phone or tablet, using all the attributes of the modern mobile web to do things that printed books never could. Simply put, we wanted to see if we could keep the integrity of reading, but play with the book’s digital form.”

I guess Google didn’t get the memo we all signed saying that we really pretty much don’t care about enhanced ebooks.


The Happy Meals will contain one of four books, including the classic “Paddington” by Michael Bond and illustrated by R. W. Alley. The three other titles all have Valentine’s Day themes: “Clark the Shark Takes Heart” by Bruce Hale and illustrated by Guy Francis;  “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!” by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond; and “Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool” by Kimberly and James Dean.

Well, now this seems like a solid win.


King said his favourite adaptations of his work were The Shawshank Redemption, the story of the wrongfully imprisoned Andy Dufresne, and Stand By Me, about four boys who set out to find a body.

King and I agree on the best (and worst) of his books’ adaptations.

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