The Most Borrowed Library Books in the UK and More Critical Linking: February 7, 2016

The man who has churned out more than 300 novels (or paid other writers to do so, having given them a “detailed outline”) released 15 books in 2014 alone. The popularity of his thriller novels remains undimmed. James Patterson is still the most borrowed author and has four books – Invisible, Unlucky 13, NYPD Red and Burn Century – in the top 20 most borrowed titles.

Huh. This look at the most borrowed books from UK libraries is fascinating. Some are authors/books that are primarily UK-known, but of what’s not, I wonder how much translates across the pond in the US/Canada.


Dr Seuss

In 1971, librarian Marguerite Hart asked famous names in the arts, sciences and politics to write to the children of Troy, Michigan, encouraging them to cherish their new public library. Respondents included author Dr Seuss, first lady Pat Nixon, astronaut Neil Armstrong and the pope.

This collection of letters to children about why they should read is really neat!


Requests are as varied as the world of books is wide. Dunne has kitted out a hotel, at least one cruise ship and a fleet of private jets. For the Bulgari hotel in London, Heywood Hill supplied about 3,000 books: volumes on business, travel, history, politics and the like for the boardrooms; fashion, art, design and fiction classics in the guest rooms.

Then there was the customer, a regular, whose wife had taken up marathon running in her 40s; he surprised her with a gift of 300 books on the subject of endurance. The topic had a pleasingly broad scope, comprising everything from a book about the founding of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece to a book on fell running (also known as mountain or hill running) in Cumbria. Another customer, an Englishman living in Switzerland who flies his own plane, wanted every available aviation memoir from the First and Second World Wars — about 1,000 books in all, Dunne said.

Dream job or DREAM JOB to work at this shop that specializes in selling lots and lots of books by request of customers (also, it’s so pretty!!).


Skybrary School is comprised of Reading Rainbow’s 800 interactive books, teacher-created lesson plans, and 200 video field trips. Available by subscription, Skybrary School’s library “balances fiction and informational books,” according to the site, and includes a read-along audio feature. It was the next step for Burton and the RRKidz team to extend theReading Rainbow app content to a broader audience beyond tablet users.

“And it was funded by the people,” says Burton, referring to a record-shattering Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $6.4 million from 105,000 backers in the summer of 2015.

Remember the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter? It’s been launched. Here’s a nice interview with LeVar Burton about it.


Faith’s story isn’t about being fat. It isn’t about how people react to a flying fat girl or how being fat affects her relationships with others. (I mean, she has a hot ex-boyfriend! Who SHE dumped!).

But Faith IS fat.
And she is not hiding.
And that is so, so important.

This piece over on Panels about Faith, a fat superheroine, got me feeling a lot of (hard, great, powerful) things.