Bookish and Comics Threads for Plus Size Ladies

Bookish fashion is great. I love looking at the funny, thought-provoking, and fun literary-themed tees, leggings, and everything else people can come up with.

The problem, though, is so few of these threads are made available for those of us who are a little bit beyond “average” sizes. Granted, I know I’m in a fortunate position of being able to fit into “average” clothes when they’re cut like average clothes should be, but when they aren’t, I get frustrated. I know I can’t be alone.

For ladies out there who fall on the larger side — plus size, extended size, whatever your preferred label may be — fear not. I’ve rounded up some excellent and fun bookish clothing that is cut for your body.

As is always important to remember: if something doesn’t fit your body, it’s not your body’s fault.

First up, this pleated comic book dress featuring female characters. It’s bright, it’s fun, and it is available up to size 3XL. Worth noting in the size chart, though, that what this company calls 3XL is pretty small.


avengers leggings


Sticking with the comics theme, you can snag these Avengers icon leggings up to a size 3XL. In fact, Her Universe has quite a few solid plus-size options for comics-themed gear. Though, be warned, they like to do that thing of charging extra for larger sizes (it doesn’t cost $4 more to create 3XL leggings than XL ones).


bookish dress

This maxi dress might be the most comfortable thing to spend a day reading in. Available from an Etsy seller who makes them up to size 3XL.


gryffindor underwear


How about some Harry Potter themed underwear? You can snag a pair of Gryffindor boy-cut style underwear up to a size 5XL.


ravenclaw tee


Perhaps you want to wear your house pride on the outside. Ravenclaw? You can grab this tee up to size 3XL. Note this is a junior’s size, so the cut is a little smaller.


gryffindor cardigan


Or you can spring for the Gryffindor cardigan, available up to a size 4XL.


nothing like a rainy day


Shirt speaks the truth. You can snag this in up to a size 3XL.



wonder woman underwear


Every female-identifying person needs a pair of Wonder Woman underwear, right? You can get these up to size 4XL.


wonder woman cami bra


And naturally, you’ll need a Wonder Woman cami bra to go with the underwear. You can snag this up to size 4XL.


wonder woman shorts


Yep, you can get the shorts, too. These go up to 4XL as well.


book shelf leggings


Neon book shelf leggings? Check. You can snag these in full length or capri up to a size 3XL.


alice in wonderland dress


Everything about this Alice in Wonderland dress is perfect, including the fact it goes up to size 6XL.

Alice in Wonderland Cardigan


Continuing down the rabbit hole, here is an awesome (and subtle!) Alice in Wonderland cardigan. Take a look at the detail close up:




You can get this cardigan for your collection up to size 6XL.


skirt 1 il_570xN.662180528_60hk


I’m always leery when any article of clothing is billed as “one size fits all,” because it’s never the truth. This Sherlock skirt, though, is making me rethink.


skirt 2


The elastic waist in this means it will accommodate up to almost a 50″ waist, which is impressive. The reviews make it sound promising, too. It’s available through an Etsy seller and as you can see, features both Sherlock text and images. Pretty neat.


peter pan dress


This Peter Pan dress is incredible and surprisingly sexy (a thing I’d never think to include with the words “Peter Pan”). Since this dress is on sale, the selection of sizes is a little more meager, but you can find it up to a 28!

my weekend is all booked


Perfect hoodie is perfect and available in up to size 5XL. There are a few colors to choose from as well.


felix the cat leggings


Remember the classic Felix the Cat comic? How about wearing Felix on your legs? These leggings run up to size 5XL.


mockingjay tee


Hunger Games fans will want to snag this Mockingjay tee. It goes up to size 6XL.


may the odds hunger games


And here’s another Hunger Games themed tee option. Again, up to 6XL.


captain america


You can be Captain America in this gorgeous dress, which goes up to size 30.


batman bathing suit


Rock the beach in a Batman swim suit. Sold by an Etsy maker, what’s neat about this is not just that it goes up to size 3XL, but it’s customizable. You can choose whether you want a shelf bra or cups sewn inside. As a lady who thinks any shelf bra or cups included in “plus size” clothes is a joke, this option is really appealing.


library stamp tee

In the Book Riot Store, you can find a nice collection of plus-size bookish tees with a women’s cut. My favorite is the due date stamp one, with the Alice in Wonderland a close second. These go up to a 4XL.


LJ jacket


The rad Lumberjanes denim jacket.

LJ jacket back


It’s pretty much perfect and you can order it up to a size 4XL. It’s even pretty affordable.

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