Can You Match These Literary Lovers?: Today in Critical Linking

The course of true love can follow any number of paths, at once similar and unique for every lover and beloved. The classics below encourage us not only to acknowledge but also to embrace the broadest, the least judgmental and the most generous definition of love.

Good gracious. this quiz on literary love stories is devilishly hard.


Marley Dias chats about the overwhelming response to her diversity-oriented book drive for her New Jersey elementary school.

Amazing girl continues to amaze.


The History Channel just shared the first trailer for their upcoming Roots miniseries remake. Like the original 1977 TV mega-event and the book on which it’s based, it depicts Kunta Kinte’s forced journey from Gambia to America via the slave trade, and his and his family’s experiences in and out of slavery.

Anything that gets Roots back in the public consciousness is OK by me.


FremantleMedia’s Wildside and Fandango Productions will adapt the four novels as four eight-episode series, one for each of the books — My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, and The Story of the Lost Child. And just in case you were worried, THR reports that Ferrante herself will be involved in the production of the series, and it will be shot in Italy. 

I’m planning on reading all four of these this summer. Think it will make for good TV?


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