Off-Panel: Top Ten Comics Romances

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From those humble beginnings, Buenaventura Press grew in the mid-2000s to be one of the most forward-thinking comics publishers of the decade with memorable titles like Johnny Ryan’s Comic Book Holocaust and Vanessa Davis’ Spaniel Rage.

RIP Alvin Buenaventura. Your impact was gigantic. We’ll miss you.

Ryan Reynolds’ response might amount to a clever bit of queerbaiting to drum up press for the film, but if his openness to pushing boundaries sparked excitement on the Internet, it’s because LGBT audiences are sadly used to queer heroes being straightwashed for mass consumption.

Could a non-straightwashed Deadpool be in our future?

The announcement of Jughead’s asexuality comes without fanfare in the comic. He’s talking to a classmate about the recent suspension of a gay student named Tyler. The classmate, who is also gay, laments that Tyler’s suspension “is the worst one yet,” because there are so few “gay guys at Riverdale High.” He goes on to say that “[his] romantic options can’t take that kind of hit,” and insists that Jughead “just [doesn’t] get it.” This assertion doesn’t appear to offend Jughead, who claims that his asexuality allows him to “think clearly and see this [school] administration for what it really is,” because he isn’t “hobbled by … hormonal impulses” as his friends are.

Well, this is honestly rad. Archie: still killing it, relevancy-wise.

If that happens, the comic will become the most expensive Spider-Man comic ever sold at a public auction, and may even crack the top ten comics ever sold, according to Heritage.

If you’ve got $400,000 to burn, Amazing Fantasy #15 (introducing Spider-Man!) is up for grabs.

I like narratives revolving around romantic attachments, or simply including a romance subplot; I enjoy the atmosphere that results from watching complex people colliding together. Science fiction, fantasy, comedy, superhero… nearly every genre in nearly every medium features at least one legendary love story, and I’ve pulled a handful of comic book examples that I think deserve the recognition.

Ten fabulous comics romances to curl up with.