The 73 Best Books to Read as a Family: Today in Critical Linking


Kids’ books are the best—but when you’re looking through thousands of great options online or in one of your local bookstores, it can be hard to find just the right one. We’ve sifted through plenty of titles to compile a list of 73 favorites, and believe us; picking the best kids’ books wasn’t easy! We mixed old classics, new classics, nonfiction and even graphic novels to please every reader through age 14, including favorites like Harry Potter, The Cat in the Hat, A Wrinkle in Time and Madeline.

If you are doing the 2016 Read Harder Challenge, you might find this list of the 73 Best Books for Families to Read Together helpful for one of the tasks.


Riedl and Harrison developed a system called Quixote that teaches robots how to behave like the protagonist in a story when interacting with humans. Quixote builds on Riedl’s previous “Scheherazade” research, which used the crowdsourcing of story plots from the Internet to allow AI systems to learn correct sequences of events.

Perhaps Don Quixote isn’t the best example of how stories can be educational.


My own program, the Writers’ Workshop, is the oldest thing of its kind on the planet. People do ask me from time to time why Iowa is in Iowa. For the same reason Bloomington is in Indiana, no doubt. If we were better pragmatists, we would look at the fact that people given a relatively blank slate, the prairie, and a pool of public resources (however modest) are at least as desirous of the wonderful as of the profitable or necessary.

Marilynne Robinson on public universities is a must read.


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