Adorable Animals Reading Books

Remember Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures?

Elmyra Duff hugging Buster Bunny on Tiny Toon Adventures

She was super annoying but I totally understood her. I mean I see a cute animal and it takes every ounce of being an adult to keep me from tackling it and hugging it to death. A common occurrence in my life goes something like this: I spot a raccoon (substitute any animal). I squeal. Before I can open my mouth to say anything whoever is with me says “No, you cannot have a raccoon.” Then I le sigh.

And then I turn to my trusty computer which is always busting at the Internet seams with animals instead of buying a baby elephant. This is called adulting.

I’ve noticed amongst a lot of the pet owning bibliophiles I follow that there are many pictures of animals interrupting their reading time. While most owners seem to think their pet is just begging for attention I would like to offer up that these animals really just want you to hold the book so they too can read. My proof? Here are a bunch of adorable animals reading books:

squirrel reading book Hard to Crack Nut Trees via Yorklib on Flickr

HA! Of course a squirrel would pick a sunny spot in the park to read Hard to Crack: Nut Trees.

rat drinking tea reading Neil Gaima via maggiejulienne on tumblr

Widget the rat starts with a sip of tea before cracking open Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys.

Maltese dog reading book via shafinaserendipitously on tumblr

Sofie the Maltese is beauty and brains. Maybe she’ll let me read over her shoulder?

hedgehog reading Harry Potter via Attics the Hedgehog on Tumblr

Atticus the Hedgehog is also a Harry Potter fan.

hedgehog reading dictionary via the regina monologue

Regina the hedgehog prefers building her vocabulary by reading the dictionary.

Hamster reading Fangirl book via wwjend on tumblr

In cutest, furriest, fan of Fangirl we have this ridiculously adorable hamster.

Dog Finnikin reading Truthwitch book via PerpetualPageTurner on Instagram

Finnikin reads some Trustwitch all cozy in bed.

Chinchilla reading book via cute_bubu on Instagram

BuBu the chinchilla reads to brush up on other animal species.

Cat reading on bookshelf via daltonismo on tumblr

Not going to lie I’m totally jealous that I can’t fit on a shelf to read like this very studious cat.

cat reading book via mreggsthecat on instagram

I’m guessing this cat is reading The Checklist Manifesto to make sense of his list: 1. catch mouse 2. nap 3. leave lizard on doorstep 4. nap 5. get high on catnip

cat interrupting reading a book via marsreads on tumblr

This cat has interpreted read over your human’s shoulder as lay on human’s head and tangle hair when they turn the page too fast.

Bunny books tattoo via Tilly and her Books on tumblr

So this bunny isn’t technically reading but she’s obviously scanning the bookshelf for her next read so I’m going to count it.

Monkey reading in Bedtime for Bonzo Ronald Reagan Diana Lynn 1951

And I leave you with Ronald Reagan and Diana Lynn reading in bed with a monkey in the 1951 film Bedtime for Bonzo.