8 Star Wars Mugs You Can Find on Amazon

You all know I have bought basically everything Star Wars there is. If it’s branded Star Wars, it’s probably in my house somewhere. But today, I’m going to talk about mugs. Specifically, dishwasher safe mugs. Even more specifically, dishwasher-safe Star Wars mugs you can find on Amazon. Sometimes you rail against Amazon (and rightly so), but sometimes you just want Prime to bring it to your house in two days, rather than trying to make an order minimum for free shipping, and you basically never want to have to handwash things, and friends, I am here for you.


Luke Skywalker. (I dare you to search the #LukeingForLuke hashtag on Instagram.)


This mug features that classic Star Wars art I can’t resist.


I love the art on this Yoda mug.


Darth Vader. Only you could be so bold.


I realize that this Princess Leia mug would be awkward to hold, but it’s so awesome I don’t even care.


Because everyone should know how Force-sensitive you are.


Rebellion or Empire?


Do I really need to say anything more than “R2-D2 comics mug?”

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