Off-Panel: 7 Comics Featuring Women of Color

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The makers of Stela, a subscription-based app that hits digital stores today, want to introduce you to a new way of reading comics and a new way of paying for them. For $5 a month, you’ll get a subscription to a constantly growing library of original titles, written and drawn especially for smartphones.

This Stela review has me feeling surprised, excited, and very skeptical.

Marvel likes to say it’s been around since 1939, but the truth is the company was known as Timely Comics back then (and Atlas Comics before the change to Marvel in 1961). This year, Timely Comics will return—as an imprint that sells the first three issues of a series in one collection for a mere $3.

Marvel! This is actually a really good idea! You have me so confused now.

The free DC All Access app — a new marketing tool to help WB and DC combat Disney’s Marvel superheroes — launched Thursday for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. It pulls together promotional content for the DC brand’s array of films, TV, video games and comics. The app promises exclusive news and reveals, original videos, exclusive DC character emojis, movie tickets, fan sweepstakes and giveaways, and a comic-book reader.

This, conversely, is a pretty crappy execution. Way to keep not surprising me, DC.

They have no problem believing a man can fly. They recoil, however, when that man is black.

A great piece on why diversity in comics culture matters.

However, we’re pleased to be able to tell you that there is more representation for Brown girls in the world of comic books than a glance at the current landscape might lead you to believe. Here are just a few stories that might quickly be added to your must-read list.

This list gives you seven comics featuring women of color in major roles.

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