The Week’s Most Popular Posts: March 7 – 11, 2016

Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here on Book Riot:

J.K. phoned it in. We can all say it. Folks were pretty excited when they first heard about new stories in the Harry Potter universe. First there was the announcement of Fantastic Beasts, and although the casting seemed a bit, er, homogenized for 1920s New York, most people were willing to look the other way. Next came the stage playThe Cursed Child and the revelatory casting of a black woman as Hermione. Awesome, I thought, maybe Harry Potter isn’t as messed up with regards to race as I think it is (because I think it’s pretty fucked up and I’m not the only one).

But then, Pottermore released Rowling’s History of Magic in North America, and yo.


It’s pretty fucked up.

from North American Magic: The Worst Thing To Happen To Harry Potter Since Voldemort by Justina Ireland


Stand-alone fantasy novels are beautiful things. You read one book, and get one complete story, with all the resolution you need. You can close the book with a satisfying thunk at the end, knowing that the characters have completed their journeys, and that all the ends are more or less tucked in neatly.

from 7 Standalone Novels for Fantasy Lovers by AJ O’Connell


Here are fifty of my absolute favorite heroines from middle grade books, why I love them, and some of my favorite quotes from the books. These kids unabashedly declare that girls are amazing and are forces to be reckoned with. If my own daughters read through this whole list, I will consider my work as a mom done!

from 50 of The Best Heroines From Middle Grade Books by Karina Glaser


Recently, we published a list of standalone novels for fantasy lovers.But you know what else comes in series? Science fiction. For some reason, it’s slightly easier to find standalone science fiction than it is to find a standalone epic fantasy, but sci-fi is published in trilogies and series almost as often as fantasy is.

And that’s fine, but sometimes you might not want to spend three books on the same spaceship or reading about the same intergalactic family drama. Sometimes you just want to read one book (or novella) and have done with it.

from 7 Standalone Novels for Science Fiction Lovers by AJ O’Connell


I jumped on the “One Book/One Like” Twitter bandwagon and decided to only recommend books by women for every like the tweet got. I made it up to 115 at the time of this writing, but I’m sure more will have been added before the post goes up. Check out my recommendations of excellent books by women, and add yours in the comments!

from 115 Reading Recommendations for Books By Women by Amanda Nelson


I’m not American, but it’s hard not to be fascinated by the US presidential race this time around — for obvious reasons. And as a Trump candidacy becomes more likely with every passing Primary, I’ve become obsessed with the claims Trump makes in his speeches. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I have to believe a few good books could sort this guy out. Using the catalogue of Trump’s misstatements and lies from PolitiFact, I’ve identified 7 books Donald Trump should read.

from 7 Books Donald Trump Should Read by Brenna Clarke Gray