Off-Panel: 11 Insane Things Superheroes Have Said

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C2E2 is one of the first big comic conventions of 2016, and Marvel showed up in force to announce several new titles and shed more light on their plans for Civil War II this summer. The publisher announced a total of six new comics at the show this weekend, as well as various Civil War II tie-ins and a couple other unexpected surprises.

Marvel has announced their upcoming comics, and amongst the Civil War II dreck there are some exciting developments: a new Unbeatable Squirrel Girl book and a new Star Wars story.

I’ve loved princess stories ever since I was a little kid. I loved the fantasy setting, the romance of it all, the beautiful costumes and dresses, the exciting adventures and the fairy tale endings. However, being a fat, queer Latina, I often had a hard time seeing myself in these stories that I loved so much.

This interview with Katie O’Neill is just delightful.

We eagerly anticipate the Senate grilling the centrist appeals-court veteran on whether he was more of a Marvel or a DC guy.

Turns out Obama’s SCOTUS nominee sold his comic collection to pay for law school. In other words: ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

We are focused on diverse comics, but we’ll carry pretty much anything across the board. We will definitely be a woman-friendly comic book store, although in the world of comic book stores, I feel the bar is reasonably low. Our intention is to be very new-reader friendly and very much in tune with and focused on what’s going on with female creators and female representation.

This new comic shop in Portland sounds like the kind of place Team Panels would road-trip to.

Superman was created in 1938, Batman in 1939, and Captain America in 1941. Spider-Man and pretty much every other Marvel hero first appeared in the first half of the 1960s. So that’s a lot of history among these cultural icons, and not every word that’s come out of their mouths has been a keeper

From Bustle, 11 Insane Things Superheroes Have Said. I laughed. A lot.

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