It’s Spring! Get Yourself a Comics-Themed Umbrella

It’s officially spring–cue the deluge of inevitable spring showers and storms. And sure, April showers may bring May flowers, but in the meantime, I need to keep my comic books from getting soaked. That’s where a comics-themed umbrella coming in.

But first, I really, really hate carrying an umbrella around. They’re just so awkward and difficult, especially if you’re getting around on metro. And yet, alas, they are necessary.

So hey, if you’re going to lug a long, stiff, awkward thing around with you (that’s what she said), it can at least represent something really awesome.

To that point, here are 10 fantastic comics-themed umbrellas to get you through spring’s tempestuous weather:

1. This DC Bombshells Wonder Woman umbrella that is ready to put that rain in its place:

Wonder Woman Umbrella


2. This classic panels X-Men umbrella:

xmen umbrella

3. This giant Spiderman emblem umbrella:

spiderman umbrella

4. A heroic Superman umbrella that will protect kids from rain anywhere:

Superman Umbrella

5. An understated Totoro umbrella (which may or may not come with this cutie):

Totoro umbrella


6. An epic image of the Flash:

Flash umbrella

7. Or an awkward Deadpool umbrella with a kitten he’s not sure what to do with:

Deadpool umbrella

8. This Hulk, who’s rather upset to be out in the rain:Hulk umbrella

9. This collection of high-action comics onomatopeia:

onomatopeia umbrella

10. And last but not least, this creepy Joker umbrella to scare the rain away:

Joker Umbrella

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