Bookish Secrets on Whisper

Are you familiar with Whisper?

It’s one of those apps that kids-these-days are using. It feels to me like a more instant, less edited version of PostSecret: users submit anonymous confessions, secrets, confidences – whatever they want to share – and other users can browse and respond, also anonymously.

While browsing Whisper, I did what I always do: I looked for my fellow book nerds.

We’re everywhere.

Bookish secrets from Whisper - I can't wait until I'm 14 so I can volunteer at the library.Bookish secrets from Whisper - Library walk of shameBookish secrets from Whisper - Books are my true love Bookish secrets from Whisper - I just want to organize the library Bookish secrets from Whisper - this anonymous Whisper-er met his wife at the library when they both reached for the same book. Bookish secrets from Whisper - What I do for fun is scream at my book for letting the main character die at the end Bookish secrets from Whisper - library fantasties.Bookish secrets from Whisper - Books are my escape.Bookish secrets from Whisper - There's a ghost in my library Bookish secrets from Whisper - I'm in love with a fictional character Bookish secrets from Whisper - I'm just going to stay in bed and read today. Bookish secrets from Whisper - A deathbed wish to return library booksBookish secrets from Whisper - the smell of old books.Bookish secrets from Whisper - I would rather curl up with a book than do anything else.

One of the most moving and unexpected aspects of Whisper is that users can respond to any Whisper they choose – and some of the responses were rather heartwarming.

Bookish secrets from Whisper - A lonely book lover finds like-minded supporters on Whisper.

I was expecting the bookish whispers to be funny and a lot of them were, but the overwhelming feeling of the bookish Whispers was loneliness. It broke my heart a little. Bookish secrets from Whisper - I need a bookish friend

I hope all those isolated book lovers looking for a friend make it to here to the Riot someday, so that we can all let them know they’re not alone.

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