Off-Panel: 15 (more) Differences in the WALKING DEAD TV Show

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Charles from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund sez, “CBLDF is kickstarting She Changed Comics, a history of how women changed free expression in comics!”

“Our goal is to make a vital resource for readers, teachers and creators alike that highlights the valuable contributions women have made to expanding the kind of expression that’s possible in comics, and that calls attention to the struggles for free speech that are still being waged.”

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas queen.

Having already broken numerous box office records, “Deadpool” now has the honor of being the highest-grossing film in the “X-Men”film series, surpassing previous record-holder “X-Men: Days of Future Past”at the global box office.

I LOL’d. Go Deadpool!

The BOOM! Studios hit series Lumberjanes (by Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, Carolyn Nowak and Brooke Allen) took home the 2016 GLAAD Media Award for for Outstanding Comic.

Daily reminder that you should be reading Lumberjanes.

photos from the Archie set

The first photos from the Archie set have me pretty excited!

As someone who’s read every page of the comic and seen every minute of the TV series, I’ll be your guide in pointing out the differences and opining on which medium handled each instance better.

Paste has updated their list with 15 (more) differences between the Walking Dead comic and TV show.

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