Off-Panel: 7 Novelists Who Write Great Comics

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Once considered a niche market, comic book culture is just about everywhere you look these days. So it may surprise you to learn that the vast majority of comic books are actually illegal in Canada.

Oh, any modern legal changes could miss Canada, Marge. All tucked away down there.

Right now, these stories are only available in print form so brick-and-mortar establishments are the only place to grab them. Here’s what’s of note in Free Comic Book Day: Civil War and Free Comic Book Day: Captain America.

If you didn’t grab the big Marvel releases on Saturday, here’s all you need to know from Gizmodo.

Although graphic novels sometimes reach reluctant readers, and Pullman would be delighted if this did, he did not choose the medium for this reason. “I wanted to do this,” says Pullman, “because I love the comic form. You can do things in comics with great economy, swiftness, force and effect, and I just wanted to use those potentialities.”

Philip Pullman talks about his foray into comics.


Comic Book Resources has a first-look at key Rebirth designs and I am trying really hard to be excited.

In fact, some of the biggest names in the literary world have already made their mark on the comic book landscape. Here are seven novelists who ventured into comic book writing, before it was cool.

Inverse has a list of the critically acclaimed novelists who also kick ass in the comics world.

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