The Week’s Most Popular Posts: May 9 – 13, 2016

Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here on Book Riot:

Netflix tries its darnedest to anticipate what kind of films I’d like to watch, but the algorithms don’t always show me new (or new-to-me) titles. When I’m in a Netflix slump and catch myself rewatching stuff instead of finding something fresh, I have a gander at a list of what’s coming and going and decide from there. Lucky for you, I did the looking so you don’t have to.

from 8 Bookish Titles Coming to Netflix in May by Kristina Pino


What I like about Litsy, perhaps paradoxically, are its strict limitations. You can basically do only three things to add content to your page: quote from a book you’re reading, blurb a book you’re reading, and review a book you’re reading. Litsy forces you to tag a book title for every post, so this keeps the community focused on reading in a really satisfying way. Each one of these posts can be a picture, or text, or both. When viewing content in your feed, you have only three options: add a book to one of your stacks (read, to read, or currently reading), make a comment, or like a quote/blurb/review from another reader. As you add content and engage with other readers, you accumulate a score.

from Litsy: If Instagram and Goodreads Had a Perfect Baby by Brenna Clarke Gray


Books, long form articles, most things longer than 140 characters, are just so difficult to digest when in 20 seconds I could get photo evidence of what my friends are doing (eating) all over the world. The moment my mind begins to wander while reading and I start checking my phone. It’s not even a conscious decision anymore. I drink it all up like I did with Capri-Sun’s when I was a kid: one big gulp. And while being connected to the world is something I would never disparage, the instant gratification and the immediate input of information has withered away my attention span. So, with the coming of Spring I find myself making a new New Year’s Resolution – to put the phone away.

from My Resolution to Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks Is Not Going Well by m.d. flores


Summer is almost here and soon it will be time for vacations, days at the beach, and relaxation! Trying to decide which books to put in your beach bag? We all know paperbacks are easier to overdose on (you can cram more in a bag, thankyouverymuch), so here is our list of ten books (all out in paperback, you’re welcome) that will keep you turning pages all summer long!

from 10 Great Paperbacks to Take to the Beach by Wallace Yovetich


Book of Knowledge Enamel Pin


from Book Fetish: Volume 206 by Molly Wetta


Over the years, I gradually began building, quite inadvertently, a calendar of events centered around my favorite books and authors. After I became aware I was doing so, I started crafting actual holidays around them until I had my own bookish traditions. They give me something to look forward to each month, to have friends over to help celebrate, or just to contemplate on my own.

from A Year of Literary Holidays by Kristen McQuinn