14 Books You Probably Read as a History Major: Today in Critical Linking

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History is also an incredibly broad topic, so we’ve chosen some books here that may be familiar to you history majors out there, some that the non-history majors may get excited over, and some that seem like they definitely should be on every history major’s syllabus.

As I’ve gotten older, I turn to history books for more and more of my reading life. So, this list of 14 Books You Probably Read as a History Major is of interest to me.


Earlier tonight, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America handed out the Nebula Award in Chicago, and this year women have swept one of science fiction’s biggest awards. 

Congrats to all. Such a striking contrast to what is going on with the Hugos.

Quite patiently, Ben Watts cut apart and stitched together scenes from 53 films (find a complete list here) showing characters suffering through writer’s block. Adaptation, Barton Fink, Shakespeare in Love, The Royal Tenenbaums, and, yes, Throw Momma From the Train–they’re among the films featured in the 4-minute supercut above.

The frustrated writer is a surprisingly durable trope it would seem.

After reading news this week about the restoration of Morocco’s Al Qarawiyyin Library, featured below, we knew it was time to take a trip around the world to highlight some of the oldest libraries in existence — repositories of ancient art and architecture, history, and prized books.

Nothing like doing a little literary traveling from your desktop.


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