Off-Panel: 15 Fantastic Books to Help You Learn about Comics

Welcome to Off-Panel, your weekly digest of comics news, from the gutters and beyond.

“Comics just lost a giant. Darwyn Cooke, one of the most acclaimed contemporary creators in the comic-book industry, has died at the age of 53.”

Man. Just….man. Our thoughts are with Darwyn Cooke’s family.

“Now, as part of Blastr’s Book Month, we’re spotlighting some of the best books celebrating comics. Some are history books, others are biographies on influential creators, dissections of iconic characters or thoughts on the inner workings of our favorite four-color fantasies.”

I love reading about the things I love, and so I’m all about Blastr’s list of 15 fantastic books to help you learn about comics.

“And so the deal is done: “Supergirl” has been rescued as it heads to the CW for its sophomore season…Warner Bros./DC also announced that another comics-adapted series, “Riverdale,” will land on the CW’s fall schedule, as a one-hour live-action drama that is a “subversive take” on the Archie Comics characters.”

Riverdale is coming to the CW, along with a second season of Supergirl! REJOICE!

“In the wake of a series of allegations of sexual harassment that have recently been made public, DC Comics has finally issued a formal statement–and expressed the intention of reviewing its policies with those currently employed by the company.”

And what a lackluster formal statement it is.

“Puerto Rico now has a badass comic book superhero named La Borinqueña, NBC News reports. Hailing from New York, La Borinqueña discovers her powers of flying, superhuman strength and teleportation when she visits Puerto Rico. Donning a suit in the colors of the island’s flag, she will fight both villains and the country’s financial crisis.”

This is pretty great.

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