50 Fictional Women We’re Obsessed With: Today in Critical Linking

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These are women we wish to be, women we are, women we admire, women we fear. The women writers I spoke to about their favorite female fictional characters overflowed with names—Lauren Olamina from Octavia Butler’s  Parable of the Sower, Lily Bart in Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth, Dicey Tillerman in Cynthia Voigt’s Homecoming—but we asked each for one.

I lost a good 45 minutes reading this list of The 50 Fictional Women We’re Obsessed With.

I launched it officially at 5:35 pm on Friday afternoon, thinking nobody would much care since Friday News Dump, and thinking that would give me time to fix bugs and work out any kinks in the campaign over the weekend. Instead, to my absolute shock, I hit my baseline goal within 24 hours, and my stretch goal within 48. And it’s still going. People really, really want me to have a retirement plan, apparently.

N.K. Jemisin launched a Patreon to see if she could quit her day job. And it worked. This feels like the future.

More than 600 American writers, including Stephen King, Junot Diaz, Cheryl Strayed and Dave Eggers, have signed an “open letter to the American people” pledging their opposition to Trump’s candidacy.

I think we are going to see quite a bit of this kind of activity.

Comixology is launching a subscription service that will offer readers “thousands” of digital comics for $5.99 a month. Called Comixology Unlimited, the service will feature work from a variety of major indie presses, including Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and Fantagraphics Books.

Could be a very interesting product. Going to be tricky to get much traction without Marvel and DC, though.