Bookish Beach Towels for Literary Summer Lounging

I don’t know about you, but my very favorite part of warm weather is reading outside: ideally while stretched on a big towel in front of a real, live ocean.

Beach reading is one of life’s finest pleasures. Why not take it to the next level this summer with a thematically appropriate bookish beach towel?

Bookish beach towels - you know you've always wanted to climb into your bookshelf. Now you can!
Have you ever wanted to climb into your own bookshelf? Because now you can.

This bookish beach towel shows a friendly, furry monster reading a story to his bunny friend.

This towel shows a friendly, book-loving monster reading a story to his bunny friend in a clearing in the woods. There is nothing here that I don’t love.

This bookish beach towel wants to remind you not to let the Muggles get you down. One of the best Harry Potter quotes.
Don’t let the Muggles get you down!! This is never, ever bad advice.

This bookish beach towel shows a friendly, furry monster reading a book in a quiet spot in the woods.
Here’s another reading monster towel! You could have a collection of them.

This bookish beach towel is printed with some of Shakespeare's finest insults. Take the bard to the beach with you!

Shakespearean insult towel!! I would like this one, please.

Bookish beach towels - I love this funky image with comic book characters.

How beautiful is this funky comic book characters towel? Happy and superheroic.

The art on this bookish beach towel is called 'Reading is dreaming with your eyes open.'
The artist calls the design on this bookish beach towel “Reading is dreaming with your eyes open.” I think it’s wonderful.

This bookish beach towel makes it look like you're lounging on a beautiful copy of Poe's The Raven.
I can’t tell you how many Poe-themed bookish beach towels I found while researching this post. When I think of relaxing at the beach, my mind doesn’t automatically go to Poe. But maybe some people like a little gothic Poe-try with their sand and surf.

This towel – which makes it look like you’re lying on a beautiful old text of The Raven – was my favorite of the Poe towels.

Bookish beach towels - this classic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy towel will remind you not to panic no matter what situation arises.

Obviously had to include one of these. There are a number of them out there, but I picked this one because it is cool and spacelike.

If you need this particular bookish beach towel to be explained, here is your assigned reading.

A bookish beach towel with the much beloved quote from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream - 'Though she be but little, she is fierce.'

I found a weirdly large number of bookish beach towels with depressing, macabre designs (like Macbeth quotes, or Poe).

This one, with a cheerful floral pattern and a cheeky quote from Midsummer, feels much more appropriately beachy to me. Plus, being rather pint-sized myself, I’ve always loved that quote.

This bookish beach towel looks like a beautiful stack of well-loved books.
This one
just looks like a big ol’ stack of used books. Mmmmm. I can almost smell them, can’t you?

Bookish beach towels - If you've been looking for a Walt Whitman beach towel, I have good news for you.
I used to have a beach towel with Harry Potter on it – like a young Harry in Quidditch gear. It was a good towel, but every once in a while I would feel weird about lying on top of the image on an 11 year old boy.

I think I would feel similarly weird about this Walt Whitman towel. But if you want to lie on Walt Whitman’s face, this is the bookish beach towel for you.

Bookish beach towels - this Where's Waldo towel design is listed in the online store as 'Dude, I'm right here.'
I dare you not to smile at this Where’s Waldo towel. I dare you.

This bookish beach towel shows the most regal portrait of Babar the elephant that you have ever seen.
Oh, Babar, you’ve never looked so dapper. This bookish beach towel is nothing but class.